Total Width 116cm (45.7in)
Effective Width 110cm (43.4in)
Standard Tile Length 35cm (13.8in)
Rise/Step 15mm (0.6in)
Minimum Height 40cm (15.75in)
Maximum Height Limited with Delivery
Materials Steel, Aluminium
Finishes GreenCoat™ Mica BT & Granite Deep, Matte




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RAL 3011

RAL 6022

RAL 7016

RAL 7024

RAL 8004

RAL 8017


When making a decision on your siding or cladding, Four Seasons Metal will create a custom outline of your project. There are several advantages to 25.5 gauge European metal including, high durability, excellent defence again harsh weather conditions and highly resistant to fire. Our siding panels are 48” wide and come in any custom length. We offer a variety of neutral colours to suit your facade. Old plastic or metal cladding may not be shedding water effectively, allowing moisture penetration and mold cultivation in your home. Furthermore, wearing of your current siding can cause your property to lose charm and resale value. Therefore, installing FSM Roofing’s quality steel cladding to any home or business is a worthwhile investment.

Four Seasons Metal Roofing systems are produced east of Toronto with Swedish or German metal. Both coil metal manufactures are leaders in high durability metal production. An advantage of a Four Seasons Metal roof is the metal coils have a thick layer of zinc coating (275g/m2) on both sides of your roofing or cladding. This extra thick zinc coating protects the steel core from corrosion, especially when scratched or cut. The core thickness of the steel is min 0.55 mm- 25 gauge, the thickest in the industry. Metal roofing has become extremely popular due to its naturally attractive appearance and its ability to self repair and avoid corrosion. Our European metal is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Visit our facility to see all of the options available for your metal project

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1 meter, 2 metra, 3 metre


RAL 3011, RAL 6022, RAL 7016, RAL 7024